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About Us

Telecom for Charity is an initiative of Nice Touch Communications, an established telecom consulting firm with over 15 years of industry experience, resources, and relationships.

The Telecom for Charity initiative donates 5% of your monthly telecom bill to the charity of your choice as an integral part of our business model. We help your company or organization procure the most appropriate and cost-effective telecommunications solutions — with a built-in way to be more socially responsible.

Jay Frank, a founding partner at Nice Touch Communications (established in 1997), has helped companies obtain optimal telecom service infrastructure and prices for well over a decade. As a longtime environmental advocate, Jay began looking for ways to leverage his industry experience for the social good, and grow his business in tandem with contributing to society. A few years ago, determined to align his business with his beliefs, he challenged himself to take social responsibility a step further.

Jay developed Telecom for Charity as an initiative built around the telecom brokerage services already provided through Nice Touch Communications, but with a built-in donation mechanism. This embedded philanthropy model enables companies and organizations to “give back” to nonprofit organizations in the everyday course of doing better business.