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What is embedded philanthropy?

Embedded philanthropy simply means that “giving back” is built into an everyday routine, thus making it easier (and more likely) for people to give. Many companies and organizations are beginning to look for ways to be more socially responsible, and embedded philanthropy initiatives such as this provide a straightforward way to give back to the community by supporting charity, causes, or any nonprofit organization.


Why are you combining social responsibility with telecom services, of all things?

Good question! We believe in the importance of social responsibility, and we have long been in the telecom brokerage business – what better way to introduce social change than by leveraging what we already do? By using embedded philanthropy, we have developed a way for your company to leverage its telecom use for the social good. By procuring your telecom infrastructure services through us, your company and ours are both helping to create a more positive world for all.


Is Telecom for Charity a telecom service provider? Do you directly provide voice/data/internet services or infrastructure?

No. All of your telecom services are provided and billed directly from the carrier(s) you choose. Telecom for Charity simply acts as a consultative broker of telecom services. We consult with your company to find the best telecom solutions for you, but we don’t do installations, billing, services, etc. For a list of carriers and services available through us, see our Services page (coming soon).


Are you a reseller?

No. We do not resell telecom services; we are an indirect sales and consulting agency. As such, we are able to offer your company unbiased telecom advice and recommendations.


How do the donations work?

Telecom for Charity donates 5% of your bill every month to the nonprofit organization of your choice. Every month that you use telecom service procured through T4C, we donate 5% of your bill on behalf of your company. On our end, the donations come out of the fee we are paid by the carrier you select. Your company does not have to set aside any funds. The prices you’ll enjoy are the lowest possible and we do not mark up your bill whatsoever.


How much will my company save by choosing our telecom service through Telecom for Charity?

Without knowing what you’re already paying, it’s difficult for us to guess how much your company will save. However, we are confident that we can find you lower prices, generally at least 10% less than what you’re currently paying. In other instances, we find ways to increase your service, bandwidth, or functionality without increasing your costs. Give us a call for your free consultation and we’ll determine how much your company can save. And don’t forget that with our Every Day is Earth Day promotion, we donate to cleaner air organizations on your behalf, just for talking to us.


Do you really donate every time you receive a call from a company who could be a potential client? 

We are so committed to charitable contributions that we donate when you call to discuss your company’s telecom needs with us. We have partnered with Trees for the Future and CarbonFund.org to run this promotion. Consider it an incentive to contact us – just by calling for a free consultation, you’re already taking steps to make a better world. For more, see our Contact Us page or read about our partnership with CarbonFund.org.