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For Nonprofits: An innovative way to fundraise

When a company obtains telecom services through Telecom for Charity, we donate 5% of their monthly bill to the nonprofit organization of their choice.




Calling all nonprofit organizations! Telecom for Charity offers your organization an innovative method of fundraising. By partnering with us, your supporters will now have a new way to contribute.

Any company who procures their telecom services through Telecom for Charity has 5% of their monthly bill donated on their behalf to the nonprofit organization of their choice. Are you that organization? You can be – by partnering with us.

To better support nonprofit organizations, and to grow our business in a socially responsible manner, are the reasons we started the Telecom for Charity initiative. Contributions to causes are built in to our business, from the very first potential-client phone call (our “Every Day is Earth Day” promotion) to our embedded philanthropy model where we make monthly donations on each company’s behalf. Supporting good causes is at the heart of what we do, and we are always looking for new and innovative ways to help nonprofits get the support they need to make the world a better place.



Partner with us

When you partner with us, we provide your organization with a campaign landing page hosted on our website. You can use that page as the basis of communicating your fundraising message to your sponsors, link to it on your social networks, and mention it in your organization’s website, mailing lists, and newsletters. To see an example, check out the campaign page for our partnership with Carbonfund.org.


Solicit your membership base to utilize Telecom for Charity at their workplace — their company can save money and support your organization monthly. Let your members and supporters know that there’s a new way to contribute, by getting involved at work and informing their company about the Telecom for Charity initiative. If their company decides to call us, we make a donation for cleaner air, and if their company decides to procure their telecom with us, they can easily have their monthly 5% donated to you!

We all know that some of the biggest donors are companies and corporate entities. Reach out to potential new corporate sponsors, now that you’ll have an innovative way for them to effortlessly donate. Our embedded philanthropy model is gaining traction in the corporate responsibility sector because, once it’s set up, it’s a seamless, hassle-free way for companies to give back.

There’s also no reason your nonprofit shouldn’t support its own mission through its telecom usage. Just like a company and perhaps even more so, your organization would be well served by procuring the best possible rates on telecom services. In fact, a good number of the institutions we’ve procured telecom for have been nonprofits. Give us a call and we’ll let you know how much you can save, and receive back 5% of your monthly bill from us to help you support your mission – or pay it forward and support a different cause that’s near and dear to you.

We are open to new partnership ideas for alternative fundraising methods to support your organization.

Calling all nonprofits: Partner with us!

Contact us to see how easy it is to add untapped alternative fundraising!